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The words light - epiphany - culture, in the context of Art and the Guild, have meaning both individually and as a process. The first word is light. We recognize the importance of all physical light, whose greatest source is the sun - and - the inner light of our mind's eye. In each case the single presence of light allows for the unfolding of the many colors. In the case of the sun, we see the many colors of our world. While pure inner light allows for the full spectrum of our visions (both in dreams and awake).

Epiphany implies a religious experience of mystical insight. A vision of such power that the visionary is overcome by the intensity of the revelation, and is left with an insight that is vivid and prophetic. This is considered a rare gift. Within the world of art, however, using inner vision to give shape and inspiration to a work is a common occurance. Quality varies from the mundane, to fits of high creative possesion (epiphany); but the ability to "see", no matter the level, is recognized as an indispensable tool of the artist.

The skill required to visualize a work that is completely original, and give it expression, is refined through practice. This is the skill that art education offers. The young student learns to refine their imaginings into objects that can be shared with all who are interested. The basic act of creation - to bring something without substance (the vision) into the material world (the piece).

The word culture has a wonderful way of describing itself. I find yogurt to be the easiest example. Milk, the overwhelmingly predominant ingredient of yogurt, is transformed by the addition of warmth and a minute portion of friendly bacteria - the "culture". Once complete, the milk itself becomes a "culture" and is permanently changed to yogurt. The Arts have often served as the catalyst for societal change. Take the Beatles as an example: four young men in strange haircuts appear on the world stage playing music, and changed the lives of millions of people. This is a cultural event.

The process: A mustard seed moves the mountain.

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